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This week the guy's have on Jeff as their guest, and it's eerily quiet.  Lot's of fun with Don Anderson being dropped from the show constantly.  Plus the usual gaming news and email.  Also some movie talk near the end...

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All the gaming news that Brian wants to talk about.

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This week the guy's talk about video games, but only after Don bitches that the other hosts are being really boring.  Mania ensues!

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The week's gaming news!  Don't forget to check out our Patreon page at to help support the show and be a guest.  Also email us at to get your email read on the show.  Thanks for listening!

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The week's gaming news.  Special guest Kyle.  Also, if you could leave your job for $25,000 after only working there a few days, would you?  Apparently some gaming companies offer that, and we discuss.

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This week the guy's talk about Larry as a platform game.  What happened at E3 sorta, and groups wanting girls to be a selectable character.  And then as usual it just breaks down into us making fun of French people...  

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This week we talk about the latest pre E3 gaming news, and we have a special guest from the UK.  Plus lots of emails for the show.  Be sure to write us at and we'll read your letter on the show.

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This week there is a bunch of crazy news including a vagina game, and then later some talk about bad actors...  Write in to the show as and let us know how you're doing.  

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This week we talk about video games.  What else are we going to be talking about?  Tires?  Ok maybe we do talk about tires, I can't remember.  We talk about a lot of things.  That's VGN for you.  Lots of talk about nothing.  A great way to burn an hour of your life while you do work for some rich guy who sprinkles change on you for a paycheck.  Oh, and write into the show. and tell us what games you are excited to get.  

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Be sure to check out the broadcast at or to watch the Nancy Drew play through with the whole cast following this broadcast.

Thanks to all of our Patreon contributors for helping to support the show and got Don new equipment so he stays connected and has good audio.  It actually worked and we didn't lose Don!

And as always, thanks for listening!

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