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On this special Easter Sunday edition of Video Game News Radio, Brian is tired, Larry is sad, and Don is high.  Plus Kevin talks about a bunch of technical stuff no one cares about.  We also read your emails, talk about the gaming news, and try to figure out what happened to a dead woman.

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The week's gaming news plus misery with the new video situation.

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This week the guy's talk about Cinema Wasteland's crazy weekend.

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This week the guy's talk about the latest gaming news, and stories of their hard time at the office.  Also... Why do you buy games?  Seriously.

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This week Brian mocks Larry's audio difficulties.  There is something meant to be touched.  And lots of audience Q&A...

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Oh my God, this one better work...

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We have Akuma from My Take Radio joining us this week.  No Brian but lots of tales of woe from Larry and Don.  Plus everyone's favorite segment, "Not a game" of the top 20 titles of week.  Gaming news and more...

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This week's gaming news with all four hosts.  

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This week's gaming news

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The return of Jedi Hillis plus gaming news and who traps the treasure chest?

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