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This week the guys talk about Chinese gamers, what their favorite games are, and read lots of emails.  Be sure to write into the show at and we'll read it on the air!

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The first and last show with Jedi for quite some time, as he rejoins the cult on Sundays.  Plus Kevin almost dies, Larry loses weight, Brian survived Cinema Wasteland, and Don did something, I think.  Plus plenty of audio problems to enjoy...

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This week Jedi doesn't return because he has to go bowling.  Kevin is insane.  And nobody understands exactly what the GamersGate controversy is about, but we give our opinions on it anyway.

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The week's gaming news, and a lot of laughs...

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This week the guys are joined by Proxycell and quickly run out of news stories and emails, so it breaks down into movie discussion.  Be sure to save us from this madness next week by writing into the show at and we'll read it on the air.

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This week the guy's talk about the news, your emails, and codes in boxed games with no discs inside.  

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The week's gaming news!  This time Jedi joins us and talks about the game Destiny.  Plus Don stays for the whole show.

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This week the guy's talk about the news, read all your great emails, and do their best impersonation of Groot as Yoda.  (That's the only way I can explain it.)  Plus Don has further connectivity issues.  

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This week the guy's have on Jeff as their guest, and it's eerily quiet.  Lot's of fun with Don Anderson being dropped from the show constantly.  Plus the usual gaming news and email.  Also some movie talk near the end...

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