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The week's gaming news!  And other odd discussions...

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The week's gaming news!

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The week's gaming news!

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The week's gaing news!

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This week Don's back gives out and he may not be able to work.  Brian calls off with a cold.  Larry gets dumped.  And Kevin is almost dead.  Plus gaming news, your emails, and audio calamity, all in this week's show.

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The latest and greatest episode of Video Game News Radio is up now.  Download and listen to it!  What else do you have to do?  Fight a rampaging bear?  Kill a man in vengeance?  Fight for the controls of a hostage held airplane?  Well do that with headphones on and listen to VGN!  We're here for you.

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Kevin's got plans to keep the show going upon his death.

Larry has a good week, except for his taxes.

Brian didn't do anything of note, apparently.

Don went trick or treating with his daughter.

Game news

We answer your emails

And the show ends abuptly due to equipment failure.  Figures...

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The week's gaming news, with Kevin in rare form, Don post Brown's game bathroom confusion, Larry still employed after one week on the job, and Brian never using chains on his tires regardless of the death and injury it has caused over the years.  Oh, and gaming news, your emails, and some trailer talk.

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The week's gaming news.

Write to

Larry has the greatest week of his life

Brian can't do anything but drive

Kevin can't do anything at all

Don just works

Plus news and your email

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This week the guys talk about Chinese gamers, what their favorite games are, and read lots of emails.  Be sure to write into the show at and we'll read it on the air!

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